Thursday, July 24, 2008

FDW - Session 9

Yesterdays FDW train wrecks. Some alright ones. I spoke a bit with Georgios (He runs the Drawing Workshop studio) about the classes he teaches there. With 50+ some years of experience he feels that most colleges don't teach students how to "see" through an object. To understand it's structure first before going into the techniques like value, line, color, etc. I agreed with most of what he said. He mentioned that the way he teaches is heavy influenced by the way Michelangelo thought on art. I have a horrible memory so forgive my lack of details or further explanations.

Many sought after concept artists preach aspiring artists on the internet to get a solid understanding of form and structure. Knowing and practicing these methods will greatly enhance an artists ability to convey whatever he or she wants. Finding a school that teaches this foundation rigorously could be hard find. I assume there are some out there still some where. For now, they can seek out Georgios.

"Without the desire to develop our ability to see three dimensionally, as artists we can never rise above mediocrity." -Georgios Allpokorites

I may take up his class which is very reasonably priced and offered at night. Some great photos of his studio can be found here:

Now... on to that character for tonight!

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